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Indie Fixx is a haven for featuring goods made by indie artists and crafters. The blog covers a unique mix of art, jewelry, design, crafts, food, decor and more on the site. Today Indie Fixx creator Jen Wallace shares with us where she finds inspiration for the home and kitchen.
Indiefixx Molas
1. I love Latin American crafts, especially Molas made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. I have about 1/2 dozen in my living room. I love the colors, the themes & motifs (often nature, abstracts or even references to modern culture) and the texture of the reverse appliquè technique.
Indiefixx Resurrectionfern
2. I check out the blog, Resurrection Fern for a reminder to be inspired by nature in my home decor and for other crafty projects.
Indiefixx Mayamade
3. Maya*Made is a good resource for crafty projects to decorate the home with simple materials you probably already have on hand.
Indiefixx Coconutlime
4. I love the Lime & Coconut blog for good food inspiration. I regularly find recipes to share with my family & friends, like these Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes I made for my hubby for his birthday and shared on Indie Fixx.
Indiefixx Pencilshavings
5. Art is very important to me and I have prints all over my home from indie artists including: Pencil Shavings, The Black Apple, Stephanie Fizer, Brainstorm Print & Design, Jill Bliss, Michele Maule, Creative Thursday, INK + WIT, Jen Oaks, Yellena and more.

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Home Decor Picks from Jen Wallace, Indie Fixx

  1. this was such a wonderful surprise for me today and then to see my dear friend maya here as well was amazing!!
    Thanks so much Jenn

  2. Hooray for loving and mentioning here the Kuna’s molas. I love them and all they represent as well.

  3. hey Jen!
    Thanks for the link to the Pencil Shavings artist! had not seen that one before and she looks FANTASTIC!! :)

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