All photo by Ed Troxell

There are good days and bad days here at the MAKE offices. Mostly good, although sometimes the days can be long and very, very busy — like 2 days before the next issue goes to the printer or a week before Maker Faire.

The day Captain Yo came to visit was a good day.

The Captain had read that one of our talented engineering interns, Eric Chu, was a yo-yo enthusiast and since he lived nearby, he’d contacted us to arrange a meeting. We’d, of course, invited him over to meet Eric and show us his wares.


Captain Yo (aka Don Watson) is an author, inventor and award-winning yo-yo player. His visit to our offices turned into a show-and-tell, a physics lesson, and a performance or two. At first just Eric and he were conversing, then slowly but surely more and more of us in the office came into the conversation to have a look inside his several yo-yo cases; listen to a story or two about past events and his inventions; and glimpse a fancy trick or two.

All in the name of work!