Jeremy Leung and a bunch of hackers, DIYers, crafters, and wood/metal workers are looking to get a hacker space in Phoenix, AZ up and running. They’re calling it HeatSync Labs, which is an appropriate double entendre if you know how hot it is there. If you’re interested in getting in on the fun, they’re having their second public meeting Thursday at 8pm:

We will be discussing:

1. The Hacker Space idea, what it means to us and the fun that can be had.

2. What direction we intend to go with the group.

3. Getting started on finding a location to lease/purchase for the HackerSpace.

4. A couple current projects.

5. A means to collaborate on projects while looking for a space.

6. Poll for contacts for legal(non-profit) and accounting expertise.

Snacks, drinks and good company will be provided!

Second public Phoenix hacker space meeting – HeatSync Labs

Thursday, August 13 2009

Mesa F.O.P. Lodge

1452 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85203

They also have a Facebook group and Twitter.


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