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Musical kettle looks like it might be loaded

Well, sadly there’s little info besides the above seen pic of Yuri Suzuki’s long barreled spouted musical kettle

I wanted to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises. alarms, mobile phones, a doorbell; he is of the opinion that not enough thought has been given to the noises they produce. The musical kettle is a part of series ‘re-design soundscape’. As the kettle boils it whistles your favorite tune.

Wait, not only does it play music – it can somehow deduce what your favorite song is?! … Oh, s’pose that’s just a figure of speech (still … seems threatening!) Well that terminator/rifle look is likely due to it’s flute-like functionality – each hole capped with stealthy black solenoids.

Oh, almost forgot – yes, it does run on Arduino =]

_kettle2.jpg _kettle1.jpg
[via the Boing Boing]

Hmmm … a likely ally –


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