reconstruct dvd cover.png
Garth Johnson and Jeanée Ledoux have paired up to bring you an instructional DVD of eco-friendly craft projects called Re-Construct . The DVD format is really fresh, and watching Garth and Jeanée is captivating and quite relaxing at the same time. They are both talented artists whose unique personalities come through, complement one another, and keep things interesting. Their tone and format is so natural and casual it feels like they’re hanging out in your living room teaching you how to make cool green crafts.
The DVD features 11 different projects made with second-hand materials, some built from scratch and others modding existing things you may have. The projects include High-Heel Hooks, a Cardboard Ottoman, the Starry Blender, Eggshell Planter, and Stenciled Pillow, to name a few. My favorite project, which I can’t wait to make, is the Book Shelf, a floating shelf with hidden hardware fashioned from a vintage book (designed by Ezra Waltermaurer of Little Fish Furniture).
Garth and Jeanée make all the steps very clear and easy, while keeping it fun and quirky, all accented by the smooth, organ-infused lounge music in the background. And you can use the techniques they teach as inspiration and direction for other projects you dream up.