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This project takes Back to School clothes to a whole new level. Pamela of In My Shoes sewed a back to school wardrobe for her daughter … based on her daughter’s own drawings and designs.

A few months ago, someone asked Milli if she was excited about getting new school clothes for kindergarten. Well, Milli had no idea that such traditions existed. I have, since that time, been receiving notes from Milli entitled “My Scool Clos”, with a drawing of something she would like me to make for her.

I can’t imagine what fun it is for a child to see her designs come to life, and to see her mother willing to go along with her ideas and bring them to fruition. My guess is this is one wardrobe that will have a profound, lasting and inspirational affect on wee Milli.

14 thoughts on “Mom Sews Back to School Wardrobe From Daughter’s Designs

  1. I’ve sewn based on my daughter’s designs many times. I made her this tube-style dress, which she designed then drew a picture for:
    I also recently made her two bubble dresses which she also designed:
    In both cases my daughter Sophie wanted short dresses so she could bike-ride to her to her heart’s content!

  2. Oh, brings me memories of my childhood when my mom used to sew us clothes from our drawings! We (me and my brother) always had the coolest wardrobe in the school… At least one to our liking! And pretty soon mom would teach us to sew as well, so she didn’t have to make all the clothes anymore. Both of us still like making stuff and even my brother still sews sometimes.

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