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Dot at Dabbled is hosting Lemon Week this week, and today’s entry is a tutorial that’s been in high demand from her for a while. She’s showing how she made limoncello, an Italian lemon liquer. Looks delicious!

Lemon Cello

8 thoughts on “How-To: Make Limoncello

  1. I made limoncello (and arancello) the usual way–peels, no white, plus substantial amounts of everclear and/or vodka. First phase, no problems. The concoctions mellowed for three months. I had DEElicious lemon and orange flavored spirits.
    Next step, add the simple sugar, and put away for a while again. Took the jars out to prepare for bottling and surprise! It appears that there is mold (or something) growing in the jars.
    Before I toss it or try to filter it or SO2 it, any thoughts or comments?
    (I have made this three times before with no problems. . . .)
    Thanks. Gayle

  2. Cool this lemon cello! If you want to make limoncello thow it is always nice to experiment with different kinds of citrus fruits (see for Dutch readers). I personally prefer clementines :-p yummy!

  3. have a dark cloudy residue near the top of my limoncello… what is it, is it dangerous, should I toss it out and start over? what did I do wrong?

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