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JeeNode, a low cost wireless sensor node

This JeeNode wireless communication platform looks like a fun and cost effective way to get into experimenting with RF communication. By combining an Arduino-compatible processor (ATmega328) with a low-cost HopeRF radio module, they were able to make a tiny, fairly well featured kit with wireless capability. They are offering them for sale as a kit, or, since it is an open source hardware design, you can just download the PCB layout and roll your own. I can think of lots of applications (remote candle lighter, interactive cat toy) that aren’t worth a full xBee-based solution, where it would be handy to have a development board like this that I could just drop in and use.

12 thoughts on “JeeNode, a low cost wireless sensor node

  1. I have always dreamed of equipping my car with some kind of light that I could flash remotely to find it in a parking garage. I do believe this would fit the bill unless someone knows otherwise.

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