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Paris 2007, a popularity meter

Tim Schwartz made clever use of an old indicator dial with his piece Paris, 2007. He is using an embedded system to monitor realtime search patterns, in order to determine which Paris is more popular. The meter is constantly updated to show the latest results. It sounds like a pretty fun project to attempt. Anyone know how to get a realtime feed of people’s search patterns? [via core77]

16 thoughts on “Paris 2007, a popularity meter

  1. It’s not real-time, but my first idea is that there’s probably a way to use the Google API. I used it recently to do searches on individual terms and tint the text based on the number of hits returned. I think you can limit the search by date and get a somewhat real-time indication of the popularity.

    Another option would be to get data off of Google Trends. If you poke around the page you can find a way to get a CSV of the data with a direct link.

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