sampler hack

This awful figurine from the SAW movies is actually a pretty cool 30 second sample/playback module that’s easy to hack. You can buy them here for $2 a pop at It’s almost worth the $2 just for the AAA batteries that come with it.

Add audio IN and OUT jacks, a pitch control and a loop switch using the schematic shown below.


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    1. Unfortunately Allelectronics doesn’t carry the necessary parts, but Mouser electronics does. Here are some part #s.Just go to and type these #s in to get to the order form. Or call them at 800-346-6873.
      -500k potentiometer = 31CN505-F
      -Knob = 450-CE15 this is the cheapest one I could find. They have lots more styles.
      -1/8″ mono audio jack with N/C switch = 16PJ135
      -Toggle switch = 108-0001-EVX

      Getting this all to fit in the housing is tricky but it can be done. Make sure to measure everything before you start drilling holes.

  1. I’ve been wanting to take the Staples “Easy” button apart that is sitting on the secretaries desk, and add a recordable module. That sounds like the perfect circuit if it’ll fit.

  2. That’s great, thanks for posting it. I live in Los Angeles and frequent the All Electronics retail store. Not only do they have hundreds of these creepy Saw dudes at the store, but they often give you the original Saw box instead of a bag when you buy a few small parts.

    1. hey wayn3w!
      I don’t use these a ton when performing. When I do I patch a send from my mixer to the samplers. I’ve modded a few so they can be triggered by my modular synth. This can be pretty fun to play with. I mostly consider these to be “noise toys”.

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