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Apartment Therapy reader, Nite, was inspired by this pixelated painting of Abraham Lincoln and decided to try his hand at pixel art, using a slightly different method.

This is a mosaic I did using those Benjamin Moore paint chips you can get from hardware stores. After a lot of time, patience, photoshop, and numerous trips to ACE hardware, I was finally able to finish.

12 thoughts on “Pixelated Art From Paint Chips

  1. I’m always afraid to try new craft projects, but these ideas – like the pixelation above – just inspire me to be brave, make a mess and make something gorgeous!

  2. You would be interested to look at the artwork of Vasarely’s son Yvaral from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. He did this work without computer help, mixed his own colors, and handpainted the canvas. I met him in Paris in 1994. Really sweet man, very talented. He unfortunately passed away in 2002.

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