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Classic gear design text free on Google Books


If you are curious about the technical details of designing and laying out gears and gear trains, you can download a complete, free, public domain copy of the 1922 edition of the American Machinist Gear Book from Google Books right now.

22 thoughts on “Classic gear design text free on Google Books

    1. …at the right of the screen above the page image there is a down arrow with the letters “PDF” next to it. Clicking on it will download the entire book.

      1. I’ve downloaded some other books from there, and the view is completely different with this one, so they must then employ some filters to prevent access from non-US residents (though I wish they were gracious enough to tell us so, instead of leaving us wondering if we are stupid when we can’t find it).

  1. I can’t find any download link either, and it’s not even listed as Full View book. Do they restrict this to US only, or what gives?

  2. Can someone in USA try to post a direct link to the pdf? I really don’t like this Google method. This shows clearly that the internet is not, open and free to anyone, anymore.

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