Wow! This robot sorts over 400 pancakes per minute. Right around 1:15 it gets amazing, it seems like it’s sped up, but they need to slow it down in the video to show it off! … via jk.

30 thoughts on “Amazing pancake sorting robot

  1. I especially like the physical buffer where it can keep pancakes until they’re needed and how the contrasting blue belt helps the object recognition. It’s like a pick & place machine for food.

    (Though the words “room temperature pancakes” makes me squirm and the idea of factory made pancakes hurts my brain.)

  2. Very interesting. Like Steve, I thought the physical buffer was a pretty nifty part of this robotic system.

    It’s really amazing how quickly these things work, and how they can pick at such speeds without damaging the product. This is especially true of pancakes overlapped upon one another. I’d love to see more detail about how the actual picking up is done. Is it suction, or some other method?

  3. I worked on this sort of equipment…
    It is amazing…search youtube for parallel kinematics
    and there’s a lot more. Note also how fast the machine vision system is working.

  4. I agree that the robot arm is hygienic … but at the beginning we saw guys with bare hands putting pancakes on the tray before robot takes care of them ?!

  5. At 2:30 in, the narrator uses the term “Final Solution”. Seeing fast robots and hearing a term like that sends a shiver down my spine…

  6. At 1:35. I used Window XP too for my automation based project because it’s easier to integrate with vision and robotics arm. But i hope i can use Linux one day….

  7. i think this is cool technologically, but you have to realize that “reduced labor (labour) costs” probably means people lost their job to this robot…

  8. How long until these superfast suction sorter robots are just punching holes in the skulls of the rounded up human refugees and sucking out our brains?


  9. This is cool stuff!

    I work on some slightly related technology: Machines that visually inspect a bulk product, such as fruit or vegetables, and removes items that are somehow defective (discolorations, deformed, texture etc). There are no cool moving robot arms like these, but the throughput is higher: Up to 50 metric tons an hour.

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