Lots of new content in the Science Room!

We’ve just added a bunch of new content to the Make: Science Room. In “General,” we added Bob’s brief on how to set up and keep a proper lab notebook, in “Chemistry,” we added Section 12 on the fine art of studying reaction rates in chemical processes, called “chemical kinetics,”... Read more »

From Russia, with Love: Cabled Balaclava

By Nikol Lohr The balaclava, named after the town of Balaclava in Crimea (now Ukraine), was originally worn by Russian soldiers in the Crimean war. While the balaclava retains a military association, it’s also well loved by skiers and climbers for its flexibility and warmth. A sort of sock for... Read more »

Don’t forget our Garrett Wade tool giveaway

Don’t forget we’re running an awesome Garrett Wade tool giveaway. Two winners will be chosen to receive either a push drill or a set of old school heavy-duty (“tank”) screw drivers Sean Ragan reviewed in the latest Toolbox column of MAKE. To be eligible, just go to the original post... Read more »

Genre-fiction generator

Dave Malki, who does the awesome Victorian-era webcomic Wondermark, has created a hysterical steampunky genre-fiction generator. Liam Cooke created an automated version of the chart. Here’s the story synopsis I got: The Psychopunks In a metaphorical Outer Rim world, a young milquetoast office drone stumbles across a time-traveling soldier which... Read more »

How-To: Make a No-Sew Blanket with Yarn Fringe

Yarn is the perfect way to embellish just about anything. Trim a yard of micro-fiber fleece with yarn fringe for an easy and ultra soft no-sew blanket. The technique is so fast that you can spend extra time getting creative with color combinations. Try the fringe with many strands of... Read more »