Just wanted to make sure that everybody knows that we’ve started publishing the monthly Make: Newsletter again. The new version will have some original columns, exclusive features, special deals on subscriptions and Maker Shed products, and provide a bit of a behind the scenes look at Maker Media.

One of the new columns introduced in this first, October, issue is the Maker’s Dictionary, a growing glossary of technical terms, jargon, and slang of interest to makers. I’ll be writing this and am very excited to be back in the jargon and slang business. I was a co-creator of the “Jargon Watch” column in Wired and edited it for 12 years. I’ve missed being a “professional” word nerd, although I’ve never stopped being an amateur one. Now I have a place to publish some of the terms I’ve been scribbling in notebooks for the past five years.

Here’s the October, 2009 Make: Newsletter
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