Jared Bouck, over at InventGeek, sent us news of this project for building an Arduino-controlled algae bioreactor. Jared is gaga over algae, so much so, he’s created a new site, algaegeek.com. Here he explains his bioreactor design:

This project is an easy to use platform for one technique that is broadly being used to trick algae into reproducing. Each algae species reacts differently in many ways to its environment and a light frequency that affects one algae may have no effect at all on another. So I have created an easy to build microcontroller platform that can be variably set and allows for easy configuration to any bioreactor. The LEDs can be swapped out to experiment with different colors and even UV for some hydrogen producing species. The platform is flexible enough to add other features like relay control for lighting, pumps, agitation and cooling and heating. While you may not be an algae fan like I am there is tremendous potential in this simple organism and inventgeek applauds researchers worldwide in their efforts and research.

Arduino Strobe Algae Bioreactor