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I had a number of formal weddings to go to this summer (and a few more to go!), and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to put my then-four-month-old in. A quick search on Etsy brought up some adorable tuxedo onesies. I couldn’t resist this one, although it would be fairly simple to whip one up yourself: just applique the bow tie and stitch some quick ruffles down the front with T-shirt material. (On the other hand, if you’re a new mom whose crafting time is much more limited these days, check out Corduroy’s Closet!)

4 thoughts on “Baby Tuxedo Onesie

  1. Love this onesie, I am definitely going to send the link to my big sis, who just had her first baby boy.
    I actually started a blog on believe it or not – baby onesies. As a rookie aunite, it became quite apparent that these are a key part of a baby’s wardrobe :-)

  2. i bought a tuxedo onesie like that for my little Steven some time ago when i took him with me to a formal event. I love that picture the expression on that baby is priceless.

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