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“Golem,” by Randis Albion

I really love this illustration by Randis Albion (Andre Weiss) of brainy kids summoning a tectonic entity made of toys. It’s the details that make Albion’s work: The nervous look of the ravens outside the window, the fact that the wizard-child is in a wheelchair. His website is NSFW by some folks’ standards, I suppose, but well worth the click.

6 thoughts on ““Golem,” by Randis Albion

  1. Kids find a book, the younger brother is in a wheelchair, they start reading the book, and it transforms the world around them.
    This image is really neat, whether the two are connected or not.

  2. In my robot book (er… Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots) I recount the claim (obviously fanciful) that the Golem was actually the first programmable robot, because you wrote on a piece of paper what you wanted him to do and then placed it in his mouth. At least that’s how I think it went. I’m not up on my Jewish folklore.

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