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By Vickie Howell
If you’re like me, you pretty much start celebrating Halloween by about September 15th. Skulls, witches, bats, and ghosts make me smile like a kid at Christmas (no disrespect). Instead of keeping the visions of pumpkins dancing in my head, though, I prefer to sew them onto cloth. Join me won’tcha, by downloading my doodles and partaking in a little stitch witchery of your own. Happy Halloween!
Halloween Doodle Mosaic3
Halloween Doodle Mosaic1
Halloween Doodle Mosaic2

Plain onesies or T-shirts
iDye washing machine fabric dye
Embroidery thread/needle
Small embroidery hoop
Halloween doodle patterns
Download the PDFs below.
Transfer paper light-colored
Download Patterns: Halloween Doodle Pattern 1 (PDF) and Halloween Doodle Pattern 2 (PDF).
Step 1: Following the manufacturer’s instructions, dye your garment a spooky color like black, orange, purple, or chartreuse.
Step 2: Print out the Halloween Doodle Patterns.
Step 3: Place a hardcover book in between the layers of fabric. Lay the transfer paper face down, onto the garment wherever you’d like the design to be.
Step 4: Place the pattern on top and using a pencil, stylus, or knitting needle, trace over the doodle to transfer.
Step 5: Place the garment in the embroidery hoop and start stitchin’!
Halloween Doodle Final
About the Author:
Vickie Howell is a mother, designer, author and crafty spokesperson. Her latest book (co-written with Adrienne Armstrong) AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher is available now. For more information on Vickie and her projects, go to www.vickiehowell.com.