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How-To: DIY Ladderball


I recently had the pleasure of playing a family game of ladderball (aka bolo toss, ladder golf) using some basic homebrew hardware, and can say firsthand – it’s good times!

For those unfamiliar with the backyard sport: players throw golfball/nylon-rope bolos in attempt to hang them on a simple PVC ladder structure. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable “Ooh! So close!” type game in the vein of horsehoes/etc, and looks to be a straightforward build.

Check out the related instructable for steps on making your own. [Thanks Cara!]

10 thoughts on “How-To: DIY Ladderball

  1. My grandparents acquired this game, and called it “Horseballs”, to the great amusement of myself and my cousins. We play it very similar to horseshoes, hence the name.

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