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Anita in Denver, CO writes in:

I saw a show on the PBS channel that featured a lady putting neat old pictures on an old suitcase, then using shellac and sealing the old pictures permanently on the old suitcase. I want to do that project so badly this winter when it is snowing outside. I cannot find it anywhere. Can you help?

You can get shellac at the hardware store, with the liquid wood finishes. They make it in brush-on and spray varieties. It has a yellowing effect usually (which may be what you want), and is a water resistant finish. If that’s not what you’re going for, try Mod Podge, princess of all craft adhesives. You can brush it on as an adhesive and finish for affixing and sealing old pictures to the suitcase. Just make sure the suitcase and pictures are clean (and dust free). You can wipe the suitcase down with a damp cloth and then let it dry, or try a can of compressed air (from the office supply store, usually for cleaning computer keyboards and the like), then use any number of the vast plentitude of decoupage tutorials online to make your own!