DASH hexapedal cockroach-inspired robot survives large falls, dashes off… could be a fun remake…

The Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod, aptly abbreviated DASH, really moves. It’s a high-speed six-legged runner that can be built in an hour using basically cardboard and polymer sheets for its frame. Created by Paul Birkmeyer and Prof. Ronald Fearing at the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at UC Berkeley, DASH is extremely lightweight (16 grams) and uses a single DC motor to power the legs and a small servomotor to slightly deform the robot’s body, making it turn left or right.

From MAKE magazine:

make volume 19 cover.gif

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4 thoughts on “DASH hexapedal cockroach-inspired robot survives large falls, dashes off

  1. Amazing. I particularly like the slo-mo of it mounting an obstacle — it looks really organic and life-like. Well done!

  2. Yes, I like this one a lot. Neat video and cool robot. My first thought was stick two light sensors on it and make it photo-phobic and it really would be like a cockroach!

    And I a going to look up these memory metal servos. I haven’t heard of the before.

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