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PT on the MAKE blog points to this Starry nom edible masterpiece…

10 thoughts on “Impressionist Cake

  1. This may be up for debate, but I wouldn’t classify Van Gogh as an impressionist.
    I believe technically he’s an expressionist.
    Just picking nits.

  2. So glad someone else thought the same thing after seeing the post title. Yeah art history nerds! I double checked, he’s post impressionist. It’s an awesome cake. i wish I could get one and feed it to my first graders who are learning about Van Gogh!

  3. Only on craftzine could I get an art history lesson by posting about a cake, I love it! I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard the term Expressionist, and I had no idea post Impressionist existed either. Who are other Expressionists/post Impressionists? Now I’m hungry and wishing I was taking an art class at the community college!

  4. This is so beautiful and it’s oozing with talent!!! I’m SO impressed! My dh sent me this link from boingboing… I think he finally appreciates my devotion to edible art now ;)
    I’m going to blog about this… and dig out my icing tips and bake/make something! :)

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