How-To: Transistor tester


(photo by Michael L.)

Though some of the fuller featured multimeters offer similar abilities, this ATMega8-based transistor tester project, identifies pins, measures gain, plus resistance and capacitance. Looks like a welcome addition to the workbench – schematic + source code can be found here [via Electronics-Lab]

4 thoughts on “How-To: Transistor tester

  1. This awesome device can test and identify all sorts of transistors,
    including the pin assignment:

    * NPN&PNP (+darlington) showing hFE and base-emitter forward voltage
    * depletion and enhancement P/N-MOSFETs showing Gate capacitance and threshold-voltage
    * N-JFET & P-JFET
    * Thyristor & Triac
    * Double Diodes (Common Anode/Cathode, 2 in series or parallel)
    * Resistors & capacitors

    For transistors it shows whether a protection diode is present.

    There is an ongoing discussion in this german board. English comments are welcome:


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