Musical inventions of the Sonic Manipulator


The UK-based electronic instrument maker known simply as the Sonic Manipulator demonstrates some of his unusual audio devices for the fine people of Earth –

The Claude-a-tron – sort of a throttle-synth that seems surprisingly playable, with “pitch & volume, with oscillator modulation, bass & percussion control”

… and the Rap Rod, a push/pull controlled audio scratching device, which appears to use a handheld cassette playhead with tape samples (though more likely an advance alien technology?)

Check out the Sonic Manipulator’s site for his (its?) full collection of instrument demos. [via Create Digital Music]

610 thoughts on “Musical inventions of the Sonic Manipulator

  1. The sonic manipulator annoys and frustrates the residents of Melbourne, Australia, not the UK. He’s usually on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Sts every Friday and Saturday evenings.

  2. Hey Shane,

    Speak for yourself – heaps of people love this guy in Australia, USA, UK – the world. Check out his guest book on his website:

    Not only is he a great entertainer, he is also a genius at making new musical instruments and doing something creative and different, so go pick on someone else.

    from a fan of THE SONIC MANIPULATOR

  3. We had the ultimate pleasure of witnessing the Sonic Manipulator at this years green man festival in Wales – the highlight of the whole three days! We hope he never manages to fix his ion drive, Mars’ gain will be Earths loss…

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