The Steel Yard’s Iron Pour fires up in Providence on 10/30

2008 Iron Pour

Beth from The Steel Yard in Providence, RI writes in with news of their upcoming Iron Pour:

Watch the Iron Guild fire up their furnaces for the 4th annual molten metal spectacular. In the past they’ve brought us fiery hearts, zombie kings, and glowing skulls. This year…pumpkin casting and a giant flaming Jack-O-Lantern!

Music provided by Empty House Cooperative.

Enjoy hot cider, doughnuts, and wood-fired pizza while you take in the performance. The event will also feature a bowl sale by the Steel Yard Ceramic Artist Cooperative.

We are looking for volunteers, contact Jackson at jackson@thesteelyard.org or (401) 273-7101 if you are interested in helping out.

Please call or e-mail our office with any questions at 401-273-7101 or contact@thesteelyard.org.

Iron Pour
Iron Pour 2008 – a set on Flickr


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