You know how, on those reality romance shows, every week, they say: “Get ready for the most exciting rose ceremony, ever!” Yeah, we don’t know anything about that either, but that’s what we hear they say.

Anyhoo… we probably sound the same, heralding each issue of MAKE as the best, most exciting issue EVER! But this upcoming issue (due on newsstands middle of Nov) REALLY is. I mean, look, it’s got Adam Freakin’ Savage on the cover! It’s the “Kids of All Ages” issue, and who among us doesn’t relate to that? There’s a hydrogen rocket project, a laser in a lunchbox, plans for building a motorized, Arduino-powered phenakistoscope, an homage to maker toys of the 1960s, and a how-to on toilet-training your cat. A what? Okay, maybe that’s not our finest moment. But look, it’s Adam Savage!

If you want to pre-order a copy of Volume 20, and you do so in the Maker Shed before Oct 31st, the shipping is only one cent. That’s the best issue of MAKE ever, for only $14.99.

If you want to subscribe to MAKE, here’s an offer to get five issues for the price of four.