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I found these truly stunning pieces of cut paper at the thrift store this weekend for $.60 each! I can’t imagine how painstaking these must be to make. They scanned into very perfect pieces of art. I was thinking of using them to burn some screens for screenprinting, and then framing them.

32 thoughts on “Thrift Store Paper Cutouts

  1. You can find collections of paper-cuts in Chinese stores but I have no idea whether they are cut by hand.I scanned them for future use however they didnt seem so marvellous once I had scanned them. I think they were meant to work on a small scale. I have been doing soem paper-cuts recently and have discovered that there are ppeople all over the worl pushing the boundaries of the medium. I have a few pieces on my etsy site.

  2. That’s so funny – I bought loads of them a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them. Was contemplating sandwiching in plexi or something.

  3. I used to buy packs of origami paper … and when i discovered I can’t fold worth a darn, I started doing other crafty things with them. These cutouts are awesome. Nice of you to give them away.

  4. I think that the cutouts are sooooo cute. I would use them in the house that my father, who recently passed away, gave to me. The house is kind of messy – he was 93 when he passed and couldn’t really keep up the house. I’m trying so hard to make it a nice house again. These cutouts would be GREAT as adornment in the living area.
    Thanks, Georgia

  5. i love that such beautiful and intricate pieces of art can be made with paper. i marvel and the time and diligence of the artist who creates paper cut outs. i’m always keeping my eye out for them at the thrift stores, but haven’t found any yet. mahalo for this give-away opportunity!

  6. I think papercutting is on of the most relaxing things one can do. Whenever I work on papercutting I am concentrating so hard on what I am doing that I do not even think of all the chores and tasks are ahead of me. I am inside of my head. It is just me and the paper for the length of time I am cutting. When I finish gradually every thing comes back to me. Sometimes when I look at what I did I am amazed. I mean I don’t remember starting it it just seems like I was always papercutting. I haven’t been able to do a really good job lately for, alas, I have lost my little special scissors. No others seem to do as good as the ones my aunt gave me. I would love to have a set of those beautiful cutouts. I would put them in my extra special scrapbook.
    Thrift stores are truely amazing aren’t they.

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