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Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs by Julie Jackson
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Julie Jackson who brings us Subversive Cross Stitch and Kitty Wigs has reached “eleven” in terms of cuteness with her new book, Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. The fashionable kitties, photographed by Jill Johnson, are styled in various Kitty Wigs amid scenes of their fashionable life. Hey, it’s the world of the supermodel kitties! I love each of the hilarious kitty quotes that go with each photo making it super believable that these kitties are living some kind of extraordinary life that we get a glimpse into.
Book Giveaway Time!
We are giving away 3 copies of Glamourpuss. Just leave a comment in this post and tell us why you want this book. Please make sure you include your email address in the comment form field (won’t be published). All comments will be closed by Noon PST on Thursday, October 29th. The lucky winners will be announced on the site. Good luck!
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212 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: Glamourpuss by Julie Jackson

  1. This is so funny! I would love this book because we got 2 kittens last week and I’m *sure* they both would love it!

  2. I love cats, but unfortunately I am very allergic to them. I would love this book because it would allow me to enjoy cats allergy free! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  3. I must have this book, if only to show others it exists! Kitties in wigs are even better than kitties in hats!

  4. Oh, I love this book. It looks like so much fun to look through! I would love to have this on my coffee table for people to get a good laugh.

  5. I would love this book because, honestly, when I’m having a bad day (lately, have had a few!), looking at pictures of kitties in wigs makes me laugh until I cry. Amazing.

  6. I have 10 cats and I think they should all wear wigs! Help me show them how beautiful they could be. They need a little convincing.

  7. This is going to sound so totally “crazy cat lady,” but I have a fondness for blue bobbed wigs and pink hair and want to give that to my cats. Also, since my two cats are hairless and winter is fast approaching, I’d like to get this book to be inspired to give them another option to keep warm beyond their kitty sweaters.
    Plus, I love Julie’s work! I’m happy to see that she’s on to another great project!

  8. I want that book because deep down inside (despite the fact that my husband would KILL me!) I would LOVE to put my cats in little wigs and take their pictures!!!

  9. I need this book because my male polydactyl kitty has been DYING to get in touch with his feminine side. And a rainbow pigtail wig might just do the trick…

  10. I’d love this book as I’ve got two princesses for cats and they are always looking for fashion advice.

  11. I want this book because it’s a running joke with my best friend and I’d LOVE to give this to her. She lives far away from me and I like to send her funnies to brighten her day. She became an oncology nurse after going through cancer herself.

  12. I would love this book, because my gray kitty, Harry T. Cat, has been bugging me about a new hairdo. He’d look so handsome in something blue, something shaggy. :)

  13. I love cats but I am allergic; this book would make my LIFE. I seriously think that now that i know it exists i cannot live without it.

  14. How adorable! I saw this in a bookstore and literally laughed out loud. I’d love to own it, or gift it to my Crazy-cat-lady-in-training friend!

  15. I just got my husband to get into Halloween this year! He picked out his own costume and went to the fabric counter alone and everything. Maybe I could use this book to get the feline members of the family to want to dress up…

  16. i would love to win this book because i know any attempts to buy it would be thwarted by whoever was with me. plus, my cat is lonely during the day and i could leave it open for him to absorb the glamour.

  17. I *NEED* this book! My cat just about tolerates the funky hats I dress her up in, but my dream is to put wigs on her!

  18. I work in a veterinary hospital where every employee appreciates this sort of thing. We love this book of painted cats and have it on display. Me and the rest of the staff would adore this. Not to mention the clients who would get a kick out of it along with their own kitties.

  19. This book would be an amazing coffee table conversation starter. I am a photographer inspired by all things living and think this is such a unique and wonderful idea for a book! Props to the patient people who took the time to photograph these kitties. I know my cat Marie and I would enjoy this book. It may even get a chuckle from my husband (who isn’t a cat person)!

  20. I want this for my aunt…she is along the lines of the Fancy Nancy children’s book series and she has kitties. In fact, if she wasn’t married she might have been a crazy cat lady (no offense to all the crazy cat ladies out there!). This book would be perfect for her!

  21. I would like to win this book because it would make the PURRFECT Christmas gift for my Step-Mother. She could never have kids of her own, so she has cats. And those cats are just like kids to her. She loves them so much. She just recently lost one of her “kids” and this book might help to cheer her up a little. So please can I have one of the books, please!!

  22. I would LOVE to have this book. It would be fantastic to have on a coffee table at parties; it could really help break the ice between people who have just met. That and because it’s totally ridiculous in the best way possible!

  23. My little princess needs some ideas on how to spruce up her look. She has asked that this book be delivered to “her house” so that she may peruse it for some fashion ideas. Please don’t upset the princess!
    The photogenic cat says that he’ll even pose for a few shots with a new “do” if we get him one!
    Love the book….keep the cute kitty shots coming!

  24. I’d love to have one because I had to leave my cat when I moved to the states. I’m visiting her next february, so I can play and recover all the missed time!

  25. My cat Lil B and I have a nightly wine-and reading date. I’m sure she would love it if I brought a book she was interested in for once. This book looks AMAZING! Talk about fantastic kitty photoshoot inspiration…

  26. My angels, Apple and Olive (named for martinis) LOVE to craft with me. We make candles together and even tried a cat quilt. They especially love gardening their own catnip.
    Costuming is something the three of us have not yet branched out to, as of yet. I can’t, however, think of a more perfect way to get them into drag than by inspiring them with a book of cat-sisters in fabulosity modeling hottt wigs (3 t’s = extra sexy).
    The bottom line is that I think Apple and Olive would make fantastic drag-queen cats. We might be able to get together a dance to Single Ladies together. All we need is the inspiration to get it done. So, please, send us the book!

  27. My 11 yr old son is about to turn 12 next week and he absolutely loves cats better than all animals. It would be a wickedly awesome gift to give. In the past he has given ME funny cat books for my birthday, so it is time for me to repay him. Thanks!!

  28. Oops! I think I was supposed to put my email address into my previous comment. I will repost:
    My 11 yr old son is about to turn 12 next week and he absolutely loves cats better than all animals. It would be a wickedly awesome gift to give. In the past he has given ME funny cat books for my birthday, so it is time for me to repay him. Thanks!!

  29. This is so adorable. No matter how much I would love to put wigs on my cats and take pictures, they would never forgive me! I would love this book, so I can avoid the scratches I’d be sure to receive for trying this on my own!

  30. I know SO many people who would appreciate a book like this. Seriously, the number of cat lovers I know is astonishing.

  31. …love pictures of kitties. And so do my wife and I.
    This would go well on our coffee table, amidst other items that cause our friends to question why they hang out with us :D

  32. No way my cat would sit still for that. Which is exactly why I’d die to have a book with photos of more well-behaved cats. :]

  33. I want this book because my youngest is a cat nut, just like me!! And he’d get such a kick out of it!

  34. I need this book for my friend, Megan, who despite having a heart full of hate for kitties, also has a growing collection of cat paraphernalia.

  35. I would love this book! How adorable! I have five cats (Digger,Fafi,Lexus,Gracie, and Ellie Mae) and would love to add this to the coffee table! How darling!

  36. I would love this book! I have five cats, and this would be a great addition to my coffee table! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. I NEED this book… a coffee table book to show visitors to my home that I am classy with an appropriate sense of humor.

  38. I LOVE this! I neeeeed this book because when I told my boyfriend that I wanted to get a kitty for our apartment, he dropped the “I’m allergic” bomb. My apartment needs cats. Fancy cats.

  39. My very friend’s cat passed away 1 1/2 months ago, she was devastated to say the least. I know this would make her laugh (a lot), and would bring back sweet memories of Billy.
    I hope to win this, and to give her the BEST Christmas gift EVER! (Billy would approve)

  40. I would love this book, first to read it and enjoy it myself, and then to give to one of my many friends and relatives who are cat lovers. Maybe even my cat-hating brother would have fun reading it!

  41. I own two very dog like flame point Siamese. They were awesome rescues from the SPCA. I’d love to oogle some of the cute kitty’s with Radar on my lap. (Plus it may spur ideas for what I may make for my monsters!

  42. I want this book to show my cats that things could always be worse – at least I don’t make them wear wigs!

  43. Who wouldn´t want it??? I have never ever ever before heard about cats with wigs!
    Please please please, wish me luck!!!

  44. I laughed outright when I saw this and thought this is going to be everyone’s Christmas present (and I’m allergic to cats)!
    I want to share the laughs :-)

  45. I must have kitty wig book or I goes into ur laundry baskit peeing ur clothes.
    I can haz kitty wig book plz? :3

  46. If ever there was anythign i needed …its this book. Oh my gosh how awesome!! Please :Big puppy dog eyes…I mean kitty: ^.^

  47. I would love to have this book because there is nothing like it out there! It would brighten up anyone’s day who looked at it!
    Mary Kate

  48. I have three kitties that would look dashing with little kitty wigs. Oh no, now they’re in for it!
    Thanks for a super cool giveaway!

  49. Our Queen Gizmo just past about a month ago, And I would just love to have this wonderful book ,to learn the process of making wigs .So our new Queen Calliefornia, will have good hair. Queen Gizmo she was our queen for 6 years , she was a good queen

  50. This book looks amazing! As a rabid admirer of cats of all kinds, I think it would be absolutely fabulous to add this book to my kitty book collection! :D

  51. This is so cute! My cat is a total glamour girl… actually both of my babies are glam girls!
    Love to see the rest of the book, if i don’t win i hope you post more pics!

  52. I’d like the book because it’s cute. I honestly can’t think of a better reason, besides, what better reason is there?

  53. Oh my goodness. I must have this book. My mother actually reads with her cat Chelsea. Whe my mother in law opens a book with pictures of cats in it, Chelsea goes insane hoping on mom’s lap and then stares like a statue. It is so weird. This would be the absolutely PERFECT Christmas present for Chelsea and mom. They would both die, seriously.


  55. My cats would never sit still for this, they must bribe them well. looks like a hoot, tho. Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. I have loved cats since I found my first one at the age of 8 – many moons ago! This looks like a great stress buster and I would love a copy! Thanks!

  57. The new book looks amazing! I would love to have it and share it with other cat folks. The book reminds me of the BadCat website, which I love love love! Few things are funnier than cats in costumes/outfits/drag!

  58. This book looks adorable and I would love to give it to my little sis to cheer her up. She has been kind of down recently because the kitty she had since childhood just recently died of breast cancer : ( and could definitly use something cute and funny to lift her spirits!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. This is so funny! It will make a great present for some of those have everything people on my christmas list.
    lirpskoorb at gmail dot com

  60. I’ve become too allergic to cats to have them anymore. I’m hoping that this book will help make up for the lack of kitty shenanegans in my life.

  61. I broke my ankle this past week and I have 3-6 months of being laid up ahead of me. Anything that makes me smile and keeps me entertained is a good thing. I have three cats, one of which would totally wear a wig if I got him one. I just love animals in wigs and need positivity and whimsy around me right now.

  62. I have had this book on my amazon wish list long before it even came out. Plus I need some cheering up as my own darling, baby kitty has terminal cancer and won’t be of this world much longer. :( :(

  63. My heart is racing knowing this book exists!
    I once dated a guy with whom I had two adorable cats. I used to make kitty wigs for them and it upset him. He told me I had to stop making kitty wigs or he would break up with me. My choice was a life with him or a life with kitty wigs. I chose kitty wigs. I broke up with him that evening.
    A world without kitty wigs is a world in which I don’t want to live.

  64. My heart is racing knowing this book exists!
    I once dated a guy with whom I had two adorable cats. I used to make kitty wigs for them and it upset him. He told me I had to stop making kitty wigs or he would break up with me. My choice was a life with him or a life with kitty wigs. I chose kitty wigs. I broke up with him that evening.
    A world without kitty wigs is a world in which I don’t want to live.

  65. My animal loving girlfriend told me if I love her I’d win this for her. I love her, so I’d like to give her the book for Christmas.

  66. I would love to have this book so I could give it to my mother-in-law. She loves to embarrass her cats.

  67. I would love to have this book to gift to my friend. I have been torturing her with pictures of cats almost as long as I have known her. She hates them with a passion and this would be the perfect device to give her a chuckle!

  68. Omigosh! I loved Subversive Cross Stitch! I’ve been seeing kitty wig pictures popping up for a bit now…I had no idea it was her doing! :D What a neat giveaway.

  69. He is suffering from hair loss due to a wierd allergy, poor guy is on steroids to make the itching stop. He may want to take a look at the book to decide which wig would look best on him. Please, consider this request for my little cat who is not well.

  70. i’d love the book – it’s kind of embarrassing how many outfits i have for my pets (including my cat!) and i’m sure this would give me many more headpiece ideas.

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