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“SuperFoam” block collapses into chair under weight

I got jealous of Matt’s recent “SuperFoam” chair post and had to find one of my own. This design is from a Taiwanese student named Yu-Wing Wu. The voids are non-random, being carefully designed to collapse into the shape of an armchair when you sit on the thing, which in its resting state looks more like a giant block of tofu than a chair. No word on how it was manufactured. [via Neatorama]

8 thoughts on ““SuperFoam” block collapses into chair under weight

  1. It look pretty comfortable to sit in, but the block of foam isn’t the most stylish thing to keep in your living room.

  2. This Idea was done by Roger Dean, the brit artist and designer in the 60’s. He also was femous for his album covers for YES.

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