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World’s smallest model train set? – seems likely!

Wow! David K. Smith has made what seems a shoo-in for the title of World’s smallest model train

This is a Z scale model of an N scale train layout–a model of a model. And it works. I built it to sit in the window of a Z scale hobby shop on my “real” train layout, the James River Branch.


– and this isn’t even his first micro layout, check out one of the larger yet still impressively eentsy predecessors. [via Neatorama]

14 thoughts on “World’s smallest model train set? – seems likely!

  1. @Kozz-

    Once again, comments RULE!!

    I had no idea of my misuse of shoo in, thought it was like a ‘shoe in the door’ or as Collin says,’yaknow, like pushing it in with your foot’

    Next comes the ‘How the &$#%$@ did you know that?!?’ comments from friends…I will send them to MAKE:)

  2. It _may_ be the smallest now, but won’t be for long. This technique can easily be shrunk much further.

    That said, it is quite nice. I’d love to see it in person :)

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