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Lie-Nielsen chain-drive shoulder vise

There are vises, and there are vises. And there are those of us for whom vises are also vices. For we few obsessives cognoscenti, the price of this beautifully-designed chain-drive shoulder vise package may not be unreasonable. For the mechanically inclined, a remake would be totally do-able, and Lie-Nielsen is to be credited for not keeping any secrets about how it all goes together. The installation instructions (.pdf) contain all you’d need to know to cobble together one of your own.

10 thoughts on “Lie-Nielsen chain-drive shoulder vise

  1. I think the remake potential is somewhat limited by the cost of acme threaded rods of that size. A pair of them will eat up half the cost of buying it.

    And Lie-Nielsen has a great reputation for making the best quality tools for woodworkers.

  2. That’s a strikingly beautiful piece of furniture, but I’d be loathe to scuff its silky finish. My $20 folding “Bench-N-Vice” (sic), however, elicits no such fear. The clamp on it doesn’t coordinate itself automatically for a straight closure, but having two hands, I can just turn both cranks at equal rates and accomplish the same result.

    On a related note, an old ironing board with the cover stripped off makes a pretty sweet workbench. The height is infinitely adjustable, the metal top is durable enough for most uses, it folds to store, and if you manage to break it, just ask Freecycle for another.

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