My friend Princess de la Rosa had her mind set on being a peacock this Halloween and she did a fabulous job of hand-crafting her costume. To make the signature peacock tail, she started with an ordinary paper and bamboo fan. She cut out a piece of cardstock in the shape of the paper portion of the fan when open. She hot-glued the cardstock on to the backside, and had her canvas to work with. She then layered peacock feathers on the framework until she achieved the full look she wanted. She used gold-sequined elastic to construct straps for the feathered fan and glued them in, covering it in cut flat felt. Here’s a view from the back:
And here’s a shot of it from the front. Her back would be to this side and she would put the straps on like a backpack:
To finish the outfit off, she took two bright blue boas and glued them onto a band of fabric to craft the peacock’s skirt. She added additional sequined accessories to tie the look together. She looks perfect! And this is a shot from the test run only. Can’t wait to see her tomorrow in full regalia.