This project came in as en entry for MAKE’s microcontroller-themed Halloween contest, and is sadly ineligible for lack of use of a microcontroller, but they’re the most impressive Where the Wild Things Are costumes I’ve ever seen. Kadijah Moss Guidry writes in:

Well we loved the characters so much and my twin daughters really wanted to be them. I went to work on it with cardboard, old fur coats, fur remnants , an old leopard costume from years ago, animal house slippers and my imagination. I have no experience or education in design or sewing but it came out great. It took about 1 week to do the first costume headpiece and about 3-4 days for the second headpiece. My daughters were very pleased and so was I. Everywhere we went we were stopped and crowds of people wanted to take pictures. No one could believe that these were made at home. Some people were so amazed they started to get emotional. It was kind of weird but I was flattered. My daughters were so proud of their costumes.