Dino sent us this vid demonstrating some potential audio effects resulting from landline-to-cellphone delay times. Strictly speaking “reverb” is usually considered as sound delays with no discernible separation – but hey, who’s counting? Good clean fun to try at home- would definitely be cool to see this effect taken advantage of in a live performance or art installation … but maybe only on nights & weekends? :P

8 thoughts on “Fun with cellphone feedback

  1. You don’t know how much fun I’ve had doing this with my friends (the effect is more pronounced with two cells on speakerphone) especially on late night runs to Tim Horton’s

  2. I used this trick as a funky lo-fi spacey delay in one of my tunes, appropriately about blasting off into space. The built-in gate (or squelch or whatever) in cell phones/speaker phones also enhances the effect. The song’s not done, or else I would link it.

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