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Functioning X-men “Pyro” costume flamethrower appliance


OK, my awesome meter has kind of overloaded on this one. Everett Bradford’s “Prometheus Device” is a hand-mounted appliance that shoots, like, real fire. It looks, you know, dangerous, and all, but it’s so cool I don’t really care. And he’s done a great job documenting the build, although obviously no one should attempt this who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Amazing work, Everett. Thanks!

Make: Halloween Contest 2009

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There’s still time left to enter the Make: Halloween Contest 2009! Deadline is 11:59 PM PST, November 3rd. Show us your embedded microcontroller Halloween projects and you could be chosen as a winner.

14 thoughts on “Functioning X-men “Pyro” costume flamethrower appliance

  1. So, so far we have Wolverine Claws, Pyro’s Flamethrower arms, and a theoretical Cyclops (Solar-Powered) laser-visor.
    No, can someone PLEASE get to work on making some Colossus skin?

  2. Amazing!
    The only thing That I would be wary of is the use of synthetic materials in close proximity to sources of ignition.
    Is that velcro holding the gas cylinder onto his arm?
    Anyone else ever have the joyous experience of burning Nylon on their skin?
    I have… *shudders*

    If that goes up…it’s goodbye arm…
    Any quick release system in place?

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