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Digital Mixtape plays mp3s old school style


MAKE subscriber Justin fused the convenience of digital music with the feel and playback functionality of a cassette –

It is a cassette tape adapter and a micro usb port hooked up to a tiny mp3 player that I picked up at target. Its a simple build and only took an evening. Its an on going project I started a while back.

Neat idea! More pics plus earlier versions of the project can be found on Justin’s blog. Hmmm … maybe the next incarnation could have FF/REW capabilities triggered by turning the spools?

16 thoughts on “Digital Mixtape plays mp3s old school style

  1. I had already seen a mp3 player inside a cassette, it had a jack-out. Combining it with a tape adapter seems perfect for listening in cars with old receivers. Great job!

    Skipping seems cumbersome, tough. The perfect system would detect the rotating speed and direction, skipping forward when it detected a “fast forward”.

  2. That’s something i did 2 years ago, and i also added a sensor to skip songs when auto-reverse key was pressed on the cassette player.
    Unfortunately it was stolent along with the cassette player in my parent’s car few weeks after i made it :(

  3. It would be even cooler if there was a way for this to intereact with the recording capabilities of the cassette player to save audio digital recorder style.

    It would be a garage sale audiophile’s dream! A digital cassette tape that would let you record audio on the go and port it to a computer whenever you wished in one easy step. You could even put some sort of LCD display where the tape window would be to indicate how much recording time was left.

  4. Do a google search for “Digisette Duo DX.” They played just like normal cassettes, would skip songs using the FF/REW function of the cassette player, and the DX model could record. It was only 96MB, but had a MMC (not SD) expansion slot. I still use mine from time to time, Usually just for the looks that I get…

  5. The iPod specific version of that product (no longer sold, I think) already has the circuitry to do FF/RW detection. It takes up a lot of space though…

  6. Thanks for the ideas, I found the actual products a little while after I submitted this. It is self powered, I just had it plugged in while I took the pics. I will definitely consider the ff/rw ideas if I decide to make another one. I just saw the cheap mp3 player at target, 10$, and noticed it was thin enough to throw in there. I just gave it a shot.

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