Crafty Chica Fall Products Heading Back to Michael’s

Kathy Cano-Murillo’s Crafty Chica product line is returning to select US Michael’s stores this weekend. She’s announced a list of locations that will carry the line. If your local Michael’s isn’t on the list, give them a call and request they carry the line. When her first line of products debuted last year, supports were snapping pictures in the store and sending out reports of what merchandise was left. Now, Kathy is forming a street team to help get the word out. If you live near one of the stores and are interested in helping, just get in touch with her. I remember checking in at my Michael’s several times last year when her line first debuted. It’s been such fun following her progress on this dream of hers, and even more fun seeing the generous members of the craft community so enthusiastically support her!