I’m in the Detroit area this week, exploring plans for a Maker Faire here next summer. I’ve been spending most of the time at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, a treasure-trove of American making.

On Saturday, I’ll be stopping by the new hacker/maker space called I3 Detroit in Royal Oaks, MI. I’ll be there from around 11 am to 1pm (give or take a half-hour). If you are a maker in the area, and don’t mind giving up some time that you might otherwise spend on your favorite project, please drop by I3 Detroit and share your thoughts on doing a Maker Faire in the Detroit area. I am always looking to discover new makers and learn more about cool projects — at home, in schools, or even at work. I am also proud to talk about our new “kids of all ages” issue.

I3 Detroit is located at 322 East Fourth Street, Royal Oaks, MI.