Most of the baby clothes my son wears are hand-me-downs or flea market finds, but my very favorites are usually the vintage ones. They don’t look like all the other baby outfits you see running (crawling?) around and they’re usually better made, too.
The drawback is that they don’t always have snaps in the legs. I loved this pair of 80s overalls, but there’s no way I am putting on or taking off overalls more than once a day. It was an easy fix, though! I ripped out the old seam, made a new one along the edges of the legs, and sewed on six snaps. Now diaper changing will be a (dare I say it?) snap.

I turned the seam under for the length of the legs, but left the cuffs folded over so they weren’t too bulky. If the pants you’re modding are thinner, go ahead and turn the seam under all the way.

When sewing the snaps on, make sure to use strong thread and stitch a little more than you think you need to. You don’t want those things popping off and ending up in your little one’s mouth!

Here are all six snaps sewn on. Learn from my mistake and make sure you have the two sides of the snap in the right order (I accidentally sewed on two backs)!
NOTE: a kind reader suggested snap tape, which would definitely make this an even easier project!