Did you know that we offer PDFs of some of the popular projects and primers that have appeared in MAKE magazine? You can always subscribe to the Digital Edition of MAKE or buy a single back issue with the project you’re interested in, or you can just download the specific PDF you’re looking for. Each download is $1.99.

Here’s a list of all the PDFs we currently offer:

The Night Lighter 36 Spud Gun: (Volume 03, page 108)
The Brain Machine: (Volume 10, page 88)
Cigar Box Guitar: (Volume 04, page 77)
Compressed Air Rocket: (Volume 15, page 102)
Wind Power Generator: (Volume 05, page 90)
Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former: (Volume 11, page 106)
Primer: Working With Carbon Fiber: (Volume 09, page 164)
Primer: Printed Circuit Boards: (Volume 02, page 164)
Primer: Welding (Volume 03, page 158)
Primer: Moldmaking (Volume 08, page 160)