Hector of Make: en Español sent us this piece from the site:

What happens when you give an Arduino to a student whose resources barely provide for the most basic maker needs, but is nonetheless eager to create something awesome? You get tech-art in the making.

David Busto Torres, the newest member of the elite robotics club from ITESM SLP campus (Mexico), shares with us his creation. It is a robot made only with an Arduino, some Ethernet cable, a couple of IR LEDs, two salvaged DC motors, an improvised H-bridge, and of course, some Lego bricks.

The total cost was less than US$10 (around $100 Mexican pesos) — the Arduino was provided by the crew at Make: en Español.

David promised to share a video with us once he’s finished creating an Arduino shield to replace all the cables and improve the robot’s aesthetics, but for me, what could be more beautiful than the pictures above?

[Thanks, Hector!]