My local library picked up on the festive trend of Cardboard Tube Fighting. The Boston Globe covered the preparations:

The group discovered cardboard tube fighting last summer in time to incorporate a bit of it into a presentation on Greek mythology at a reading program party.

The weapons are cylindrical pieces of thick cardboard about 4 feet long. The appeal, explains young-adult librarian Ellen Snoeyenbos: “It’s totally ridiculous.”

As word of mock combat with reliably harmless weaponry spread among the town’s youthful warriors, Snoeyenbos and the Bookmarks seized on the fund-raiser as a chance to exploit their discovery of the fighting fad made popular by YouTube.

Saturday’s event will feature one-on-one tournaments, guild-on-guild skirmishes (up to 10 fighters per team), “and an all-out battle for possession of the Royal Crown,” according to the club.

They’ve gathered hundreds of tubes, and youth of all ages are uparmoring in a pulpy way.

Cardboard Tube Fighting League

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