A couple of days ago, I posted a flashback to Dev Khan’s wire-wrap jewelry DIY from CRAFT Volume 03. Pictured above is a collaborative piece by Dev and Sara K. Woll; Dev wraps the rocks and Sara crafts the necklaces. I just found out that Dev and Sara will be showing their work at the San Francisco Bead and Design Show, which is going on this weekend, November 20th through the 22nd. The show will feature 150 artists, artisans, and suppliers. Their mission is “to reflect the artistic imagination that is intrinsic to traditions of pattern and design in handmade arts such as art couture, bead making, antiquities, fiber art, lapidary, metalwork, ceramics, glass art, handwoven fabrics, art jewelry, fashion design, enameling, fused glass, clay art, designer components, wearable art, textile art, collectibles, and decorative arts.” Sounds ornate!