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Cross multi-tool
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Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen sells these cruciform screwdrivers, which are laser-sintered stainless steel. There’s a flat-blade, a Phillips head, and an IKEA-sized hex bit. [via Dude Craft]

12 thoughts on “Cross multi-tool

  1. I love it! What else truly states I worship at the alter of DIY? When I say I worship the Maker I actually mean worship a maker. I am so wanting this, but no way am I spending over a hundred US dollars (69.50 Euros) for it.

    Anyone have any ideas on making a less expesive version?

  2. No Robertson? Seriously. A good chunk of my world is held together by Robertson head screws.

    I even had a box of Robertson drywall screws once — seriously rare.

    As a side-effect, a Robertson would be less pointy.

  3. I got paid today. I saw this and thought it was perfect. I was all set to buy. That was until I clicked the link and saw the price. Never mind. I’m sure there’s a diy person on my continent that can show me how to make one, or make one and sell it at an affordable price.

  4. Oh sure. You could seriously make one yourself but more practical. Buy two double ended bits; one phillips #1 and #2 on each end, and a slotted double end bit. File a notch in each one half way through and put them together like a pair of Lincoln Logs. Then sweat solder them with lead free silver solder and flux with a torch. Of course the crucifix design would rely on finding one of your double ended bits shorter than the other.

  5. I hate to rain on the seller’s parade, but he made it for about $8 a piece. He could probably sell them for $20 and still make a healthy profit. For those of you who have a 3D cad program (Alibre offers a $99 program that kicks ass), you can submit your design to shapeways.com. They can produce something in the same material the same way as the piece above. Shapeways also has a “creator” tool although I don’t know how well it works. There may be other websites that offer similar services that I don’t know about.

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