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Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Vegetarians need gourmet Thanksgivings too! I personally am thankful for Martha Stewart and this sensational meat-free menu plan. I will never forget the Thanksgiving when my mother made broccoli salad for my vegetarian boyfriend at the time, complete with plenty of chopped bacon. I chalk it up to true lack of knowledge about non-meat eaters. In her mind, broccoli wasn’t a meat, and the bacon added flavor! This menu is a beautiful meal that needs nothing to shine except fresh vegetables made with love!

8 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving

  1. also there isn’t a protein in Martha’s menu! if ever there is a place for fake meat, it’s the thanksgiving table. i’m making the seitan roulade from vegan yum yum.

  2. My first vegetarian boyfriend came to dinner and my mother served pot roast, saying he could “just eat the vegetables!” YUM, mom…potatoes, onions, and carrots imbued with essence of cow! Never saw HIM again. circa 1973

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