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A puzzle that can be anyone’s face: Jicazu

What would you do if you want a jigsaw puzzle with your significant other’s mug on it? The standard method would be to have a custom puzzle printed up that features their photo, however Mark Setteducati and Ken Knowlton have come up with a better way: Jicazu. Using 300 generic pieces of varying intensity, their puzzle can be assembled to look like anyone’s photo. For build instructions, you simply upload a photo to their website, and it tells you where to put each piece. Unfortunately, it only appears to be available in Japan. [via neatorama]

6 thoughts on “A puzzle that can be anyone’s face: Jicazu

  1. and surely, a photo of an asian guy, in whiteface, with an afro, was considered the best way to demonstrate that?!

  2. Seems like they are using an algorithm similar to jpeg compression. the puzzle looks like a low quality jpeg image with many artifacts.

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