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Sewing was one of the first crafts that I was really into as a wee kid. I learned from my mom and figured out what I could from trial and error. If only at the time this book, Super Simple Sewing was available. This book + kit comes with materials and instructions needed to make three easy sewing projects: a purse, bird, and felt bracelet. The materials are safe for kids and sets them up for sewing success. A shoe-string style thread with attached cord-catcher eliminates the need for knots and also gives the projects a pretty bead look. I loved that the pre-printed fabrics and felt are all perforated with holes. The instructions show you how to sew through the projects each step of the way so in the end your child has a finished project to play with while learning basic sewing techniques.

Supersimplesewing Natprojects
I made all three projects to test them out and I loved the satisfaction of making them. Kids can improvise on how they add the embellished flowers too!
Supersimplesewing Projects
The book is well designed with cute photos and fun illustrations. The illustrated instructions even show kids how to fix simple mistakes.
Book Giveaway Time!
Three lucky CRAFT readers will each receive a copy of Super Simple Sewing! Please make sure you include your email address in the comment form field (won’t be published). All comments will be closed by noon PST on Friday, November 27th. The lucky winners will be announced later on the site. Good luck!
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72 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: Super Simple Sewing

  1. I love so many of the Klutz books. Would love to have the Paper Flowers book for my daughters… I love making paper flowers when I was a kid.

  2. My daughter would LOVE this book! She’s always watching me while I sew and I get her involved on little projects. She’d be tickled to have her very own sewing book!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. what a fun book! my little one will be growing into that sort of thing very soon. thank you for the ooportunity!

  4. What a great book! I wish that I had something like this when I was little. I had a pretend sewing machine that squirted out a line of glue. =) I would give this to my niece.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win these books, klutz is an awesome product line & I know that my daughter would love this sewing book!

  6. I have enjoyed learning about all the great books Klutz is putting out lately – great gift ideas. Love the “all-in-one” concept with instructions and ingredients included!

  7. My niece and my oldest girl grew up with Klutz books. They love the colorful pictures and the charming projects and have requested them for birthday presents many times. I know my youngest one would enjoy this one, too.

  8. I learned to sew at a young age, my mother made a lot of clothes for me and my sister and my grandmother was a seamstress. I also made a lot of clothes for my son when he was little. My granddaughter lives 3000 miles away so it will be hard for me to pass along this love for sewing, by the Klutz book would let me introduce her to the basics.

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