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I would like this.

13 thoughts on “Personal helicopter

  1. “One man helicopter filmed by”

    Craptastic site. One assumes they’re to busy flying head-choppers to touch up the site. Anyone else cringe in horror when he approached the perfectly neck-height blades?

  2. @max.elliot: Actually, it’s a step up. Last time I saw this guy (a few years ago, and assuming it’s the same guy) he wasn’t even online. A video of his machine was posted to a yahoo group (if I remember correctly). I believe he was from Switzerland or Germany and they had a hard time getting a hold of him because he was a non internet user. As with the last video I saw, you’ll notice that he never really goes too high. My understanding is that the power to weight ratio is so close that it’s unable to get him out of ground effect. It’s tough to shave any more weight from a design like that as it’s already pretty sparring.

    @marc: If he can get the power to weight ratio high enough then it should be possible for him to attach a parachute system in a pod above the blades (like the sensor boom on an Apache Longbow helicopter). Not a 100% chance of survival, but then again neither is auto rotation.

    1. I want this! And I like the fact that the design looks like it makes it less likely to chop off your head than the one posted here on Make.

  3. Great looking machine. I would love to have one of these, and it doesn’t look like it would be crazy expensive if there was any volume of them being manufactured.

    Only problem is the first few that get sold will chop off about 30 or 40 spectator heads before they got banned…

  4. This would be an easy product to sell, I know I’d want one and so would many people. but sadly they need a heavy lifting model or I’d better start hitting the gym a bit. Wonder what it would be called. Decapacopter, the Whirley gillotine of death, so many possible names.

  5. Wow!!

    Did anybody knows what kind of engine this helicopter uses? I can see no smoke, it doesn´t look like pistons neither turboshaft. I can´t find batteries for an eletric engine, also.

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