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Command signs


These signs (stickers? graffiti?) use simple computer commands to address elements of the urban environment. Love that these can have both a positive or critical message. If only you could command-z IRL… [via @alexislloyd]

6 thoughts on “Command signs

  1. Why should anyone tolerate this kind of vandalism?

    Just because it is labeled “art”? Or just because it is public property?

    Would an idiot glue some stickers on your property, you wouldn’t talk about some “positive message”, but you would call it what it is. Vandalism, plain and simple.

    1. I rather think that depends on what form the work takes, and how it is used.

      I wouldn’t appreciate someone spraying graffiti on my flowerboxes without being invited to do so. I would be amused if someone placed a sign with “^F” on it next to a row of flowers I had grown.

      Just because you don’t appreciate clever commentary or an attempt at personal expression doesn’t mean it is any less art than an Impressionist painting in a museum. The question of what makes something vandalism is easily answered: does it damage the property in any way (including as a nuisance like littering), and if so, is it done without permission?

      I don’t see any property damage in the photo above… and on the linked site, what I see is essentially public commentary. Some of those stickers are in the way (such as on a shop window in one photo) and thus might be a nuisance there, but I would say that most of them do no damage at all. I have no problem with them being there.

      Then again, I leave secret notes written in ink for people who look in odd corners of playground equipment. Some of us really do believe in a world filled with wonder and joy in expression, you know. Even if others scream vandalism and try to tear it away or paint it over so they can have their “perfect”, static, empty world.

    2. This “vandalism” was actually done with static clings that leave no residue and come right off.

      As for what is considered “vandalism”- why is it a crime when communities, individuals or artists put their work up in the public realm- but when corporations do it it’s legit?

      Most people think advertisements ARE vandalism- and I think it’s intolerable when people believe that corporations have more right to use public spaces for their messages than everyone else. Corporations VANDALIZE public spaces more than anyone else. Private individuals actually have NO legal means of visually expressing themselves in public- unless you’re rich enough to rent a billboard- and that’s pretty un-democratic.

      THAT’S WHAT THIS PROJECT WAS ABOUT. Getting our voices heard in relation to the urban environment. If you’re not a wealthy developer- this is the ONLY way to put your two-cents into the conversation about use of public space and gentrification.

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